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>> hello and a very warm welcome to the "journal" here on dw. these are our top stories at this hour -- more deadly clashes in egypt after 21 people sentenced to death for their role in last year's stadium disaster in port said. a raid by security forces turns into a pitched battle, and bundesliga titleholders dortmund show they are still a force to be reckoned with. we begin in egypt where 14
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people, including two policemen, have reportedly died in violence that erupted in the northeastern city of port said. this after a court in the capital cairo sentenced to death 21 people accused of involvement in last year's stadium disaster in which 74 were killed. the court also set march 9 as the date for handing down the verdict on another 52 defendants in the case. there was an angry response from protesters, who stormed two police stations. many of them are supporters of the football club, who blame last year's violence on the police. the death sentences come after a day of clashes on friday that left at least seven people dead in over 400 others injured. that violence came as egypt marked the second anniversary of the operating against the regime of president hosni mubarak.
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>> cairo on saturday morning. after a long night of violent demonstrations and not just in the capital. troops clashed with anti- government protesters after they stormed the offices of the muslim brotherhood. eight deaths were reported their late friday. in tahrir square, thousands rally to mark the second anniversary of the revolution. they object to the new constitution and its reliance on islamic law and the desperate state of the economy. officials decry the protesters of counterrevolutionaries and supporters of the old mubarak regime. but protesters insist it is not about the past -- it is about the future. memo we only have one demand -- the regime should go because they have done nothing for us.
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>> secularist and liberals say the government has betrayed the revolution. >> for the latest, let's go now to our correspondent in cairo. what is the latest you can tell us from where you are? >> i was this morning at the court where there was celebration by the relatives of the people who died after 21 people were sentenced to death, mainly fans of the port said club, but at the same time, riots broke our in the city of port said when people tried to storm the prison where most of the ones which are sentenced, and until now, -- the number is rising by the minute, but until now, we have confirmed 16 dead people in this riot. >> 21 people have been sentenced to death. 52 people still to be sentenced. tell us more about that. >> that is one of the
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interesting things. the ones which were sentenced are all fans of the port said club. the important thing is that we have five senior police officers on the bench to be sentenced. the sentence is still outstanding, and we probably have on the ninth of march as the judge was saying. >> with all this rioting surrounding last year's stadium disaster, rioting on friday as well, and violence in connection with the second anniversary of the overthrow of president mubarak, where is this turmoil likely to lead? >> as we speak, new clashes started in the city of suez. people trying to storm some kind of administrative building there. we are waiting because the opposition will speak in a press conference very soon, and also,
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the president did not go for a chip and is staying in cairo, and we expected trip from him. >> thank you very much for that update. in germany, investigators have announced they expect to charge more people with supporting a neo-nazi terrorist group. police suspect that up to 12 people help them commit a series of racist murderers. the only surviving member of the group has a trial scheduled to begin this spring. the group those offenses include bombings, murders, and bank robberies. the other two members apparently killed themselves after a failed bank robbery. france's intervention in mali has led to some successes in efforts to push back islamist militants who are still pushing to control the north of the country. french and malian forces are moving in.
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meanwhile, the struggle is taking its toll on the malian economy. >> it may look like business as usual in by amoco, the sales are way down. the war in the north is keeping foreign visitors away. -- it may look like business as usual in bamako. >> we do not see the white people come to help us. >> the people say they are glad to be free of the threat from the radical islamists who ruled north, and they are thankful to the thousands of french soldiers repeling rebel advances. >> we are very, very happy. very happy. >> bamako remains a liberal city. leading clerics have been very vocal in supporting the effort against the radical islamist forces. >> i think these days we have to give a new direction and a new vision to islam across the
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world -- and is lomb of development, of progress, one that fits the realities of the world. >> but the rebels in northern mali have a very different vision of islam. this man fled to the south after they chop off his hand, punishment for using a mobile phone. men at the market say the radicals in the north are religious fanatics from libya. they say they pray that god will give the soldiers strengths to free the country. >> we go to venezuela now where at least 50 people are reported dead and 90 other in years after -- 90 others injured after a military operation. a riot erupted at the prison when venezuela's national guard was sent in to conduct a search operation after receiving information that rival inmate gangs were armed. >> official sources said a
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violent iraq -- violence erupted when security forces moved in to search for contraband and weapons held by inmates. the prison's minister blamed the media, saying their reporting of this week triggered the riots. she said the violence involved a struggle between rival gangs for control of the jail and a confrontation between inmates and troops. >> relatives were read about the fate of the prisoners gathered in front of the prison and at a nearby hospital -- relatives worried. >> i am very upset. my son is one of the prisoners. with the minister did was caused a massacre in the prison. there were too many deaths. >> the vice-president announced an investigation into the riots. emma there was a situation of tragic confusion that we lament. >> he said similar searches for weapons had been conducted
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earlier in other prisons as large amounts of weapons on their way into venezuela is overcrowded jails. >> latin-american and european leaders today are beginning a two-day summit. it is hoped the gathering will give a fresh and bautista efforts to seal a free-trade agreement between the european union and the community of latin america and caribbean states. >> many hoped the summit will go beyond issues of trade. it is a chance for latin america and caribbean to work together. host country chile also says developing closer ties to the european union would benefit both sides. >> europe's higher level of development can be a huge boon to latin america, and latin america can help european countries and companies.
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>> there's pressure on europeans to ensure that deals are socially and ecologically responsible. >> i know this is a very important summit, particularly because there are big issues around sustainable development, economic growth. >> the latin american and caribbean countries came to present a road map for future cooperation. many are pushing for agreement but will also provide protection for indigenous peoples and environmental safeguards and help produce income inequality in the region. >> latin america wants more balance to relations, and it wants to be part of the solution of the problem. in santiago, the european union has to find answers to this. >> the people of the czech republic have been going to the polls today for the second round of a presidential election.
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it is the first time the citizens have direct -- elected their president directly. it is a close race between a social democrat, a former prime minister, who is popular among the country's rural poor, and the foreign minister, who has strong support among the young and in urban areas. both candidates say they want to push for closer integration with europe. sports now, and in german soccer, there's an exciting program of matches this weekend. the action got under way on friday evening when reigning champions don't hosted -- bob dortmund hosted nuremberg. >> 16 minutes in, they had opportunities to put themselves ahead, but they were foiled. shortly after, dortmund took a well-deserved lead, a controversial call controversialfoul --
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controversial fall led to a penalty. in the second half, the home side took a more relaxed approach, but a minute before the final whistle, another score, taking dortmund to an easy 3-0 win. >> in the other matches i mentioned, there are several clashes that bring together local rivals. to be will matches where passions will be running especially high bring together clubs from northern germany. this afternoon, the trouble to hanover. for their -- further west. >> the last time he was in dusseldorf was 16 years ago. since then, the site have been languishing in the lower
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division, which might explain why fans have been taunting opponents, calling the match a many-debbie. they say the real derby is against cologne. and of course it is for us, but i will not argue if they say colonna's the big one for them. that does not affect me. you have to take history into account. >> still, for many fans, it is a special game. they want the regional bragging rights that come with the victory. as for meyer and his team, they will be looking to put last week in's embarrassing home defeat behind them. >> there are compact teams, and they are very difficult to play against. we will have to produce a good performance because it is very hard to find gaps in their
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defense. >> a recent dispute has turned the heat up even more. duesseldorf as been accused of still owing money from a transfer. on top of that, dusseldorf added a cutback in october. conditions are perfect for an explosive derby. >> to tennis now, and the australian open with the women's final is open. the world number one retains her title. on sunday, a repeat of last year's men's final. now, the most dangerous ski race in the world is under way. downhill alpine races are currently flying down a slope in the austrian alps. the italian leads the way, but with many competitors reaching speeds approaching 140 kilometers an hour, there have been some spectacular accidents,
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like this high-speed crash. fortunately, he was not injured and was even able to walk away. good for him. the good news for you is we will be back at the top of the hour. do not go away.
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for the models, at two seconds is not much time to impress. >> of tech, let's take a picture. >> those who get a picture taken in with a good chance. over the next few days, the models will run from casting to casting. she has come all the way from finland in the hope of getting a job. >> i have a big list. waiting for the moment after today. >> we get to her mobile number. hopefully, we can meet up with her again during fashion week. as soon as one model is finished, the next one comes in.
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the waiting room is not as glamorous as i imagine. women celebrated as pinnacles of glamour said on the floor. she is only 20, but her days can be as busy as a ceo's. she tells us she gets up at 6:00, showers, and gets ready. she says a good breakfast is important because she rarely has time to eat lunch. >> of the words, he looks over models business cards. he and his casting director select the best 12 from over 50 hopefuls. he says she looks good, but she's a size 38. unfortunately, her shoe size means she is out of the running. he only has one pair of shoes in the size, and they are already taken. >> another factor comes into the selection -- money. the models cost between 300
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euros and 3000 euros per day depending on how in-demand they are. if another designer can offer more, he will lose out. >> money is what it is all about. we come to a fashion trade fair to find out how the clothes get from the cat look to the store. it looks like we may be a bit early. they are still setting up. here they are -- the clothes we saw during the casting. they are being displayed by the sales agent responsible for selling the close to retailers. she is already looking at stress. -- a bit stressed. she said she has things to organize, and mitchell is not there yet. >> we take a look around the trade fair. there were 900 brands there. all kinds of styles, and lots of
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eccentric fashion bases. these clothes will not be in stores until next winter. it is a paradise for fashion diehards. it is exciting even for us. >> as the fare gets going, more and more buyers arrive from small boutiques and department stores. melanie is showing off her work. >> this is a collection from a berlin designer. >> the pieces will cost at least 500 euros with a hit the stores. there's interest from buyers from europe and asia, but she says they need a bit of persuasion.
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she explains that because they are smaller labels, they do not have that many customers. basically, what she is doing is called customer acquisition. we leave her to her work. we will check back with her later. >> we tried a few kilometers across town to the show of a designer do low. models here are hired to stand around like shop window mannequins. we spot the redheaded finnish model we met at the casting. that is quite the outfit. we almost did not recognize her. she cannot talk to us while she is working, but we found out she found work at several fashion shows this week. >> but we have a date to keep. when we arrived outside the show by the brandenburg gate, there is a big queue outside. we slip into the backstage area.
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he's already here and busy with preparations. we have stepped into the chaos of pre-show stylings. he talks to a stylist about the best styles for his models' hair. there are 10 stylists on hand, but there's a lot to do. sometimes they all work on one model at the same time. there is not much time. there are 12 girls to prepare for the runway. but most models are used to it. many of them do one show after another. the make up from the last show is taken off and then it is redone. but some people here are just as intrigue by all this as we are.
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>> i am not as overwhelmed as i thought i would be, she says. everything is quite relaxing with the makeup, but i'm sure the excitement will come. >> not everyone is so relaxed. , we still have three models. maybe i was just about that a little bit. >> are they still making their way here from another show? the rehearsal have to happen without some. even without michael's clothes, it looks glamorous to us, but if the missing models do not arrive soon, there could be trouble. >> back at the trade fair, melanie's day is nearly over. she is packing up the clothes, getting ready to take them over to the show. we ask her how it went. her feet are killing her, she says.
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despite her comfortable shoes, she has had to stand around all day on a concrete, but she says that finding buyers for the collection makes up for the pain. some fashion buyers may have already committed to the collection, but others will wait to see it on the runway before they make a decision. >> back at the show, another roll call. finally, all the models are here. the clothes have arrived, too. they have to be prepared for the big appearance on the catwalk. and that even the boss himself lends a hand. now the models get quickly into the close. a deep breath, a couple of last- minute adjustments, and they get ready to step out onto the runway.
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time for us to part. one of us stays backstage. >> the other goes out to watch. it is jam packed. there are 700 invited guests -- celebrities, fashion journalists, fashion buyers. here we go. the models look so elfin in these clothes. still, i find myself wondering -- do they have that in my size? backstage, the designer is enjoying his big moment. behind him, it is still a hectic rush to get models into their
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outfits. sometimes they only have seconds to change. ♪ after just a quarter of an hour, it is all over. then the designer himself steps briefly into the limelight. all that preparation for such a short show. you can sense the relief of tension. he says it has gone well despite a little bit of stress. he gets congratulations from friends and compliments from
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fashion critics, and now it is time for the big backstage party, right? well, no. instead of champagne and celebrities, the cleaning lady
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